• Duration: 7 DAY
  • Season Start: 01-01-2022
  • Season End: 31-10-2023
  • Category: Standard
  • Start Point: FETHİYE
  • End Point: FETHİYE

If our passengers arrive late, they will sleep at the port on the first night, and if our passengers arrive early, we will depart to Fethiye's Scream Bay. On the first day, Dinner and Fruit is given.


After having breakfast, we will cruise from Fethiye Harbor-Çığlık Bay to Göcek's Tersane Island to have a nice blue voyage. Tea-Dinner-Fruit is served and overnight on Poncho Bay on the 2nd day, sleep under the stars for a nice and relaxing sleep ...


After a good sleep under the stars in Panco Bay, you can make your morning swim and have a nice breakfast. After having breakfast, you can go to Hammam Bay and anchor. If you can, you can go to the sea like Tarzan with the ropes. After having lunch on the boat, we will cruise from the Hammam bay to Binlik Bay, which is one of the most beautiful bays of Göcek. In the evening of the day, you will spend the night in Binlik Bay, and fall into a comfortable and peaceful sleep under the stars smiling on your face.


You can have breakfast by watching the sunshine that warms you in Binlik Bay.After having your breakfast, you can move from Binlik bay to Sequence Bay.If you have breakfast, you can swim at the beach.You can eat ice cream by taking ice cream from the service boats before or after lunch after swimming at the beach. After having lunch on the boat, between 15: 00-16: 00, anchored from the bay of Sıralın to the Stone collar bay named after the famous Painter Bedri-womb. You can stay overnight in Bedirahmi Bay on the evening of the day. You can follow the soft face of the moon and dive into beautiful dreams ...


After breakfast in Bedirahmi Bay, we will move to Göcek harbor. The needs of the boat are met from Göcek harbor. 5 Tea-Dinner-Fruit is served on the island of Yassica, and that night he lies on the island of Yassica


After breakfast in Yassıca island, you can go to the Aquarium Bay.You can have a nice lunch in the aquarium bay by watching the unique beauty of the depths of the sea.After swimming a little more after dinner, go to Boynuz Bay between 15: 00-16: 00. It is served and overnight that evening


After having breakfast on the horn bend, you can go to the red island.You can have lunch on the boat after swimming on the unique beach on the red island


As every good thing has an end, we came to an end on a unique holiday… After breakfast, we leave the boat after saying goodbye to the boat crew on Saturday morning.



  • * Transfer from your hotel in Fethiye to the boat.
    * All meals (Breakfast / Lunch / Afternoon Tea, Coffee, Biscuits / Dinner), fuel, harbour fees, service.
    * Standard yacht equipment, board games, snorkels & masks, fishing lines.
    * Passengers may bring snacks, such as fruit, nuts, muesli, yoghurt, chocolate. (Not sold on board)


  • * All drinks, also water are sold on board at reasonable prices.
    * Please do not bring your own drinks on board.
    * Please bring your own towels.
    * Archaeological sites and national parks entrance fees.
    * Crew tip of 5% is also not included in price.


  • In case of poor weather and/or sea conditions, this program is subject to change without notice.