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  • Hakan Erenler / Fetiye Olimpos Cabin Charter


    Çok keyif aldık..

  • orlando Romero / fethiye Kekova fethiye cruise


    We still talk about our trip to Turkey and especially our time in Fethiye.It is still fresh in our minds. Thank you again for your kindnesswhile we there. good luck and Happy life to you.

  • sally / olympos cruise


    So lucky to have experienced V-GO'...

  • Kellie O donnell / fethiye olympos cruise


    Exceeded all my expectations. cruise covered Turkey majically! Clean,well kept yacht.... kellie Avustralia

  • Bruce hamilton / fethiye olympos cruise


    Good on you guys.Bloody good trip,one of the best in my long life.V-GO rocks!. All the best for the Future! Thanks... Bruce NZ.

  • tumbull family / 12 islands cruise


    The good reputation V-Go has earnt will be spreadfar+wide! happy and safe sailing! Thanks.

  • Rosanne / fethiye keova fethiye Cruise


    Cruise was excellent and will definitely be going again (and taking all my friends next time)You can tell your boys that they did an awesome job ! thanks.

  • helen,Dave,sarah,Junny / Olympos fethiye cruise


    kep up your excellent service & laughs. great valu for money!...