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Datca is a district, as well as the center town of that district, in Mugla Province of Turkey. It is situated midway through the Datca Peninsula, almost 100 km in length, following the ondulations of small bays and coves all along, and practically an island since it is connected to the mainland through an isthmus of only several hundred meters in width. At the very tip of the peninsula is the antique city of Knidos at the locality called Tekir today. Both the town and the peninsula were called Resadiye till recently, in honor of the penultimate Ottoman Sultan Mehmed V Resad. Today, Resadiye is the name of one of the quarters of the town along with Eski Datca and Iskele quarters, each separated from the others by a distance of about a mile to form, taken as a whole, the town of Datca proper.